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A Handy Checklist For The Roof Replacement Process

Replacing a roof is not like changing a tire, doing the the job right takes years of experience and training. Most homeowners don’t have the time to learn all the ins and outs of roofing to do the job themselves, but many want to be involved and understand what’s going on throughout the project. Fortunately, you don’t need to be an expert to understand the process, and with just a little information, the process just might be painless!

If you are one of these homeowners (or just curious), we have a convenient roof replacement checklist for you to use to help you understand the roof replacement process, and perhaps your roof, a little better. Feel free to print or download this checklist whenever you are ready to replace your roof!

Residential Roof Replacement Checklist

For a printable version of this checklist, click here.

  • Get a thorough roof inspection by a qualified roof contractor
  • Get a detailed proposal that tells you exactly what it’s going to cost.
  • No money down and no payment until the job is complete and you are satisfied!
  • A company with a full office support staff is a plus
  • Ensure an on-site inspection is performed prior to installation
  • Ensure a thorough inspection of every part of you roof is performed (deck, rafters, etc) and any problems are addressed.
  • Ensure proper planning to protect structures and landscaping.
  • Ensure the old roof is completely removed down to the deck.
  • Ensure the deck is in perfect shape for the new roof.
  • See detailed list, but ensure all components and materials are high quality, properly shipped and handled to reduce problems.
  • Ensure nail guns are NOT being used. Hand nailing ensures a properly installed roof (see “Why We Hand Nail” for more information).
  • Ensure proper ventilation is considered and implemented.
  • Ensure your roof contractor blows all debris off of roof, gutters, downspouts and driveway.
  • Your roof contractor should touch up painting of any siding, trim or gutters that had to be detached and reset
  • Ensure a spotless clean-up of any job-related debris including sweeping yard with magnets to pick up any loose nails.
  • Ensure an inspection by a job supervisor with roofing crew foreman
  • Final inspection by a knowledgeable roofing professional with the customer

Looking for a roof replacement checklist for your commercial property? We have you covered there too! Click here for our commercial roof replacement checklist.

At Atlanta Roofing Specialists, and educated customer is our best customer! If you have any questions about roof replacement or would like to schedule a free initial estimate, call us today, in Metro Atlanta call (770) 419-2222!

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