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If Your Roofer Doesn’t Offer A Workmanship Warranty, Buyer Beware!

Your roof is the largest, most important part of your home, as such, the cost to replace it is considerable. When spending that kind of money you want to be sure get what you pay for and you want it to last. This begins with finding the right roof contractor that backs up their work with workmanship warranty.

Most properly installed and maintained roofs will last anywhere decades to a lifetime, depending on materials, installation and maintenance. Of course it’s something you want done right the first time but no one is perfect.

Even the best contractors make mistakes sometimes

To combat mistakes in either the materials or installation, potential roof contractors should be offering a material warranty AND a workmanship warranty.

What’s A Material Warranty?

The material or manufacturers warranty will cover the materials used in your roofs construction, should any mistakes in design or manufacturing in the material itself cause a problem. These vary from brand to brand but come with most all materials, so be sure you are familiar with the warranty that comes with your roof.

What’s A Workmanship Warranty?

The roof contractor’s workmanship warranty is the most important of the two.  As roof installation is performed by humans, this is when mistakes generally occur. A workmanship warranty will protect you from these errors in installation or workmanship and help ensure a quality installation versus a contractor that doesn’t offer such a warranty. Basically it covers the installation that material warranties do not cover.

Roof contractors that offer workmanship warranties typically will insure it for a year or more (with some, like Atlanta Roofing Specialists offering 10 year workmanship warranties). Unlike a material warranty that could be for 20 years or more, the length of a  workmanship warranty isn’t as important as the intent and ability of the roofer to honor the warranty. This is why you should read the fine print on any workmanship warranty offered by your roof contractor.

Know what your roof contractor takes responsibility for and for how long

Ask questions of your roof contractor about their workmanship warranty. What does workmanship mean to them? How long is it for?  What does the warranty actually cover? Does it cover damage to other parts of your home if the mistake causes a leak that damages throughout? How long have they been in business (a new contractor may not be around to service a 10 year warranty)? Read your warranty carefully and ask as many questions as you need to fully understand.

A properly installed roof with quality materials is the foundation to a long-lasting, low problem roof. Combined with regular maintenance, your new roof can last it’s expected life and beyond!

In Metro Atlanta, Atlanta Roofing Specialists offers a 10 Year Workmanship warranty with every roof! For a free estimate call us today at 770-419-2222.

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