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Why We Hammer Every Nail In Your Roof

There have been many advances in the roofing industry over the past 28 years since Atlanta Roofing Specialists began, from snazzy roofing software to nicer trucks and equipment, tablets, mobile wifi, etc. So much improves so quickly, we at Atlanta Roofing Specialists are constantly upgrading things and staying on top of the advances that allow us to install or repair your roofs quickly and efficiently without sacrificing quality.

While almost everything around us has changed over the past 3 decades, one thing has not, our one strictest rule: We only use hammers to install every single roof. Never a nail gun.

It may sound like we are being technophobic or “old-fashioned” but the truth is there are solid, practical reasons for hand nailing all our roofs that have nothing to do with being “old-fashioned” or nail-gun adverse.

Nail Guns Are Nice But They Aren’t For Roofing

For most of the construction industry nail guns certainly have their perks, they have been around since 1950 and have improved significantly over the years, especially as technology has progressed.

air gunned shingles falling out
Air Gunned Shingles Falling Out

Nail guns make a lot of jobs much quicker and easier for the company and in many industries, it works just as well or better than a hammer.

Nail guns have had a huge impact on the construction business by eliminating the labor costs associated with hand nailing every nail. This results in less costs for the contractor and lower costs for the homeowner.

While nail guns have their benefits, when used in roofing installations they’ve been nothing but a disaster!

Roofs installed using nail guns have problems 100% OF THE TIME

Air-gunned shingles falling
This is your roof on nail guns.

Nail gun technology has improved since their introduction 68 years ago but they still function basically the same and are subject to the laws of physics. The unfortunate fact is, even with progress in technology, nail guns still have the same flaws they did when they were introduced when it comes to roofing applications.

The reasons for this are up for debate, whether it’s a flaw in the technology or the specific user (the tendency to just pull the trigger and rush through the job will result in problems) but regardless of the reason, roofs installed using nail guns have problems 100% of the time caused by improperly driven nails.

The same problems occur, every single time! The nails simply aren’t consistent, some are driven much too deep, others not deep enough, some are at awkward angles (causing damage), or some are missing altogether.

In 28 years, every single nail gunned roof we’ve come across had problems. Every single one.

The problem is so bad, GAF, the largest roofing manufacturer in North America,  issued a Technical Advisory Bulletin a couple of years ago advising against the use of nail guns when installing roofs as they may void the warranty.

As one of the major problems with nail guns is lack of consistency, GAF advises hand nailing to ensure the nails are flush to the surface of the roof.

It’s much better to simply take your time and do the job right. At Atlanta Roofing Specialists, we hand nail every single nail on your roof, it may take a little longer and cost a little more in labor, but having it done right the first time is worth the extra effort.

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