Why Roofing Is NOT A DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Project

Somebody tried to fix the nail holes in this flashing by applying way too much caulk. This is all wrong.

There are many homeowners who like to repair things around the house themselves, with the perception that any problems should be obvious and fixes that look not so difficult can be done themselves and if not, only then they will call a professional. While many fixes around the house require nothing more than elbow grease and a little “googling”, your roofing system is a bit more complicated and is best left to experts for multiple reasons.

Obviously, expertise may be an issue. Sure you can find step by step guides and even pictures of what to look for, but every roof is different and unless you have days, weeks, or even months of time to kill, it is impossible to find answers to every situation that may arise. It takes expertise to see the bigger picture in things like tears, holes, and punctures in flashing, or flashings that are opening up at the top and slipping, rusted components, or debris that’s building on the roof. It is the little things that are obvious to experts but not so much to laymen that end up being overlooked and becoming major problems later on.

Roofing isn’t something that most people “just figure out” in a few days, it requires knowledge and years of experience. If you are “DIY’er” (Do-It-Yourself’er), and are familiar with doing small repairs in other areas of your home and feel confident about your roof it is still important to have a professional help you with the initial inspection to determine if doing it yourself is a viable option, after all, your roof is arguably your most important investment, if it goes south, everything inside your home is at risk, including you and your family! On top of that, most warranty and insurance requires professional handling of roof problems and even maintenance, so before doing it yourself, you can check your policy and warranty to ensure you don’t void anything or just have us handle it from the start and guarantee your policies stay intact.

With things like permits, insurance policies, warranties, manufacturer installation specifications, codes and other legal matters, not to mention the knowledge of knowing if that hole in your roof is just a hole or a symptom of a larger problem, roofing is something best left to the experts.

Fortunately, Atlanta Roofing Specialists offers free estimates to help you make any roofing decision. With decades of experience and expertise, we understand the nuances of every roof we work on and can have the job done right, the first time.

Call us today @ 770-419-2222 and let ARS do the work for you!

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