Why Now Is A Great Time To Get A New Roof

It’s true, Winter is a slow time of year for roofers, especially in the North. With temperatures dipping below freezing for months at a time, the opportunities to install a roof are few and far between. Here is the South though, it’s not so bad. Though we do have our wintry days, more often than not we stay well above freezing. Believe it or not, now is a great time to get that new roof you need!

1) 40 degrees is the magic number. Anything below that and the materials needed to replace your roof are very difficult to work with, but once it hits 40, it’s game on! Fortunately, here in the South we tend to stay at least 40 or above on most days and as such we have many more opportunities to install and repairs our customers roofs than our northern cousins.

2) It’s slow for contractors in general. Winter presents many more days of adverse weather than other seasons, especially cold temperatures, so overall business slows down. As such many contractors offer special discounts and rates to help get through these slower months. By getting a new roof now, much like buying winter clothing in the summer, you can get some of the best deals of the year!

3) Weather permitting, you can get your new roof quicker than during other seasons. During the warmer, especially rainier seasons, roof contractors can get quite busy, resulting in backlogs. During the winter months, it’s a slower time so rather than waiting for the backlogs to clear, you can get your new roof much quicker especially if the weather holds up.

Off seasons in many industries mean great deals for those that take advantage of them, roofing is no different, contact Atlanta Roofing Specialists today to see what kind of deals are available, you might be surpirsed!

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