Hand nailing a roof

Why Roof Nails Should Always Be Driven By Hand

Technology has really changed the way contractors do things over the past 30 years since Atlanta Roofing Specialists began. From using satellite imagery and drones to help assess roofs before or during an in-person inspection to communicating with customers over the internet and text. Back in 1993, we never dreamed things could be so different.

But while technology has improved how we do things before and after the installation, when it comes to actually installing your roof, nothing has improved upon an old-fashioned hammer and good ol’ elbow grease.

Nail Guns Are Great For Many Things, But NOT Roofs

It isn’t a “Boomer” thing, and we are far from technology-averse, but when it comes to your roof, using a nail gun is a BAD idea for many practical reasons, not the least of which is that they cause problems 100% of the time in our experience.

Nail gunned shingles falling out

Though nail guns have improved significantly over the years, and in many cases they are as good, if not better, than a hammer, they are terrible when used during roof installation. Whatever the reason is, the problems are always the same, there is just no consistentcy! Some nails are driven in too far (making holes in the roof) or not far enough (causing loose shingles), others are driven in at odd angles or are missing altogether!

Pictured: Air-gunned shingles falling off of roof

The problem is so bad that major roofing manufacturers like GAF issued technical-advisory bulletins in the past few years against using nail guns on roofs as they may void the warranties! GAF advises all roofs to be hand-nailed to ensure flushness and consistency.

Nail gunned shingles cause problems 100% of the time! Is it a flaw in the technology, user-error? The reasons are up for debate but the fact remains that if you want to install a roof, correctly, the first time, use a hammer to drive in the nails consistently.

Pictured: Too many high nails to count on air-gunned roof

Nails showing because they weren't driven in far enough

It’s much better to simply take your time and do the job right. At Atlanta Roofing Specialists, we hand nail every single nail on your roof, it may take a little longer and cost a little more in labor, but having it done right the first time is worth the extra effort.

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