When To Call A Professional Roofer

Many homeowners are constantly maintaining, upgrading, remodeling, and otherwise improving their homes. From new kitchens to new landscaping, many people love taking on new projects and take great joy in doing things themselves. Although it is one of the more important parts of your home, the roof isn’t one of those things many homeowners are passionate about working on. From the dangers to the complexity of roofing systems, it is usually recommended to have a professional handle roofing issues and improvements.

Keeping your roof in excellent condition requires regular maintenance and prompt attention to problems when they occur. The following are things you should know to keep your roof in shape and to tell you if you need a professional sooner rather than later.

Visual Inspections

Simply looking at your roof can give you the information you need to make an informed decision. If you have streaks, curled, missing, and/or buckled shingles, rust or anything other missing pieces, these could be signs that a problem exists. If you notice any of these, call a professional immediately, especially if the problem isn’t apparent. Most inspections cost you nothing and could potentially save you thousands by preventing further damage.

Proper Roof Maintenance

More than just cleaning your gutters and sweeping the roof off, having your regular maintenance performed by a professional will not only protect your roof but also your warranty and insurance by having manufacturer requirements satisfied and documented to ensure a smoother process should you need to exercise your warranty or insurance policy in the future.

Looking For The Right Contractor

AKA Don’t go for the cheapest when it comes to your roof. A shingle roof should last 20 years or more, if installed and maintained correctly, it can last a lifetime. Cheaper is never better in the roofing business, the smallest shortcut or below average material can shorten a roofs lifespan by decades, do your homework and make sure the company your hire will do it right. Hiring the professional contractor over the one man, friend of a friend’s roofing guy will be the best choice, most of the time.

Generally, most roofing matters will require a professional, if you are not sure, and are in Metro Atlanta, call Atlanta Roofing Specialists for a free, no obligation estimate today!

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