What Factors Affect The Cost Of Roof Repairs?

Slateline - english grayRoofs vary in many aspects, from materials to size to the type of roof and how well it is maintained, as such repairs for seemingly similar problems can very greatly. Knowing what you have and what factors into the costs will help you understand contractor quotes as you obtain them.

Labor and materials are usually what it boils down to, with materials usually easier to understand and labor costs depending on multiple factors. Such as:

Type Of Roof

One of the biggest factors (if not the largest) when it comes to calculating labor costs, the roof type is the starting point in figuring out how much repairs or a replacement costs. Consisting of material costs and the basis of labor costs (sloped or flat, many steep slopes or not, etc) knowing what type of roof you have and what you want will give you an idea what the costs for roof repair or even roof replacement are.

Scope Of The Project

Another large factor in determining a roof repairs cost is how large the project is and what special factors need to be considered. The larger the roof job or how complicated it is to repair will weigh heavily on the final cost. Heavily customized roofs with lots of steep slopes will cost more than a basic shingle roof. A ten thousand square foot roof will cost a lot more than a two thousand foot roof. Getting as many details of the project right from the get go will help keep costs down as increases in the scope equal increases in cost.

Permit Costs:

Most every town and city dictate their own rules and costs as far as permits are concerned. As a result, permit costs can vary wildly and can add several hundred dollars to the repair costs for even the smallest repairs. You can find out yourself what those costs are by contacting your local authority directly.

Existing Damage/Maintenance Status

Many times a repair call is made after the homeowner notices a small hole or puncture in their roof or a leak inside the house. From the outside it looks like as small repair but when the old material is stripped away in many cases it is found to be much worse damage than anticipated especially if it’s gotten inside the house and become noticeable

Water damages a homes structures rather quickly, the smallest holes or separation can allow water in, building up over time and damaging a roof with no outward signs until it’s too late. Not until materials are stripped away by a roof contractor can the extent of the damage be seen. When damage occurs, time is of the essence as allowing the problem to continue will almost invariably increase the repair costs and even lead to a complete roof replacement!

Routine maintenance and inspections by a professional roof contractor will help catch these and other problems before they become a large problem. If you don’t have maintenance regularly and a problem occurs don’t be surprised if the costs double or even triple due to other problems that have gone unchecked.

Unique Elements And/Or Chimney’s & Skylights

If your home has unique elements such as specialized decorations or antennae, skylights or a chimney, your costs will be increased as these elements may need to be replaced or repaired at the same time plus it takes extra time and effort to ensure these areas are water tight. Even without replacement, labor costs to replace flashings around these areas can add hundreds to your bill.

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