Green 5-V metal roof (3)In the past few decades society has become acutely aware of modern technology’s effect on the environment and we have begun taking steps to reduce our “footprint”. The roofing industry is no exception as it has been discovered that not only is “green roofing” possible, it has real world effects that help protect the environment while saving the homeowner money.

What is “green roofing”? “Green Roofing” brings to mind living roofs, or roofs that have been converted to gardens or other vegetation. While it is true these are green roofs and is a part of the various “green roofing” options, for this post, we will be presenting more environmentally friendly options for those interested in green roofing. “Green Roofing”, is basically making your roof as efficient as possible using environmentally friendly materials and techniques to minimize your home energy costs.

For most homeowners, having an environmentally friendly roof system that maximizes your energy savings is attainable without having to turn your roof into a jungle.

Here are some, not-so-extreme, ways to “go green” with your roof:

– Use tile. Want a roof that can last 100 years? Tile is a popular option in warm climates, it is composition, shape and recyclability make it one of the greenest materials out there.

– Use reflective treated shingle or shakes. While the most popular materials, shingles and shakes are the least green as far as cooling options are concerned. Lighter colored materials can reflect light and help reduce cooling costs.

– Consider a metal roof. While on the surface, tin roofs may be the last thing you’d think of for a green material but modern metal roofs aren’t bare metal like the past, they usually are coated. Adding light colored or reflective pigment over metal and you have yourself a green roof! You can even install it over and existing roof for double the protection.

-Use Green materials: Manufacturers such as GAF are promoting green practices in their manufacturing and product offerings, ask your Atlanta Roofing Specialists Representative about the types of materials available.

– Use Contractors who recycle. Atlanta Roofing Specialists recycles old materials and other recyclables, using contractors who recycle their waste is as “green” as it gets. These are few of the “Green Roofing” options available, there are many more which will be discussed in a future post. In the meantime, call Atlanta Roofing Specialists today, we’d be happy to give you a free inspections and recommend the best green options available to you!

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