Tips To Find The Right Roof Contractor For You

member_circle_colorSooner or later, most homeowners and commercial building owners are going to need a roof contractor. As with most things, accidents happen, storms occur, and materials age and deteriorate. It’s not a matter of if but when.

The good news is, when the time comes, you don’t need “a friend in the roofing business” these days to find a great roof contractor! Finding the answers you need to ensure you are getting the best you can for your money is easier than ever using the very thing you are looking at now!

Research your potential roof contractor thoroughly. Here are some tips to help you find the right roof contractor for you:

1) Check Out Referrals & Read Reviews

These days. consumers can publicly state their actual experiences with roofing contractors and other companies on the internet, without company influence, on various third-party review sites. Sites such as Angie’s List, Kudzu, Best Pick Reports, Yelp, and more provide a great service to consumers by providing consumers a place to review companies free of influence.

Taking the time to read some of these reviews (good & bad) will give you a clearer picture on the quality of the roof contractors work, their customer service, and how they handle problems and complaints.

2) Check the Better Business Bureau’s Website

While they will not give you references, you can find out how a company handles consumer complaints and will give you an idea of a contractors character and reputation.

The Better Business Bureau is a private organization that has handled consumer complaints for decades. Companies are graded not only on the number of complaints but how those complaints are handled. Contrary to what some companies may claim, it’s easy to maintain an A+ rating, simply provide a great service and treat your customers right. Anything less than an A should give you pause.

3) Check out their website

Does it look professional? Did they take the time to put together an informative and pleasant looking site or does it look like they just threw it together. Do they list their qualifications (and can these be verified?), Do they have customer testimonials and are they real? Do they have examples of their work on the site?

These questions are important, especially these days, websites aren’t just for advertising or storefronts, they provide a place where consumers can learn about the company and the services they offer without a lot of time and hassle. If a company doesn’t have a website or it isn’t professional, you have to wonder why.

4) Check manufacturer certifications and industry organizations

Membership in professional organizations and special manufacturer programs and certifications (such as GAF and the NRCA (National Roofing Contractors Association)) indicate a willingness to hold themselves to a higher standard. These organizations set strict criteria for companies to achieve before offering membership or certifications.

Being an NRCA member or GAF Master Elite™ Contractor is not a prerequisite to being a roof contractor, but it certainly shows to the world that the company in question know what they are doing and are committed to their industry and customers. If the roof contractor you are looking at isn’t a member or doesn’t have any certifications, why not?

Finally, use common sense! Don’t just hire the first guy who gives you a cheap price and certainly not if he just appeared at your doorstep! DO YOUR HOMEWORK! Don’t get ripped off, finding a qualified professional can be easy or as difficult as you make it! Don’t worry about price so much as quality of work and check out your contractor thoroughly.

If your in Metro Atlanta, it’s even easier!

Atlanta Roofing Specialists has been serving Metro Atlanta since 1993, a multi-year recipient of the Angie’s List Super Service Award, multiple years as a Best Pick by Best Pick Reports, A+ BBB Rating, and more, it’s no wonder so many people have trusted ARS for their residential and commercial roofing needs!

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