The Hardest Seasons For Your Roof

Here in Georgia, we have 4 seasons, although some seasons seem shorter than others and sometimes even non-existent, all of them have their harsh weather risks that can damage or prematurely age your roof, especially in Georgia, where Spring is more like Summer and Winter will visit for a day or two in between bouts of Fall/Spring like weather. Southern Springs and Summers are usually the worst but in recent years the drastic changes in weather during Winter have proved to be challenging for your roof as well.

The main culprits that are so damaging is quick, changing weather (warm to cold and vice versa), extreme heat and humidity, which can cause leakage and other types of damage to your shingles.

This Winter we have seen a lot of rain and fall/spring like weather. We’ve seen it go as high as the upper 70’s one day to 30-40 degrees the next. Even the best roofs can take a beating during seasons like this and with Spring/Summer coming up, it’s looks like it’s going to be a hard year for roofs overall in the South.

We can certainly expect strong hail producing storms, tornadoes, extreme heat and humidity, and crazy weather changes in the coming months, if you haven’t had a roof inspection for a while, now is the time to have it done. Knowing the current state of your roof and learning what to expect can save you thousands in repairs. Most companies will perform these inspections for little or no charge.

We recommend setting up an inspection now before the rush and be one step ahead of the weather and save yourself needless pain and heartache. Call Atlanta Roofing Specialists today, we’ll help make sure you’re ready for whatever nature throws at your roof.

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