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The Benefits of Hand-Nailing Roofs: Precision and Durability

When it comes to roofing installations, nothing beats hand nailing each nail with a good, old-fashioned hammer. While nail guns may offer convenience and speed for many construction applications, there are compelling reasons why hand-nailing roofs remains the preferred choice for professional roofers who know better. Today, we will delve into the advantages of hand-nailing roofs, focusing on precision and durability as key factors that contribute to a high-quality, long-lasting roof.

Enhanced Precision:

One of the primary reasons why hand-nailing is superior to nail guns is the level of precision it allows. When nails are driven by hand, roofers have better control over the angle, depth, and force of each nail. This precision ensures that nails are driven accurately, securing the shingles firmly in place and flush with the shingles. Proper nail placement is crucial to prevent leaks, wind damage, and premature wear, making hand-nailing an essential technique for achieving a watertight and resilient roof.

Reduced Risk of Over- or Under-Driven Nails:

With nail guns, there is a higher risk of nails being over- or under-driven, in fact, in our experience, every roof installed with a nail gun has problems with this, EVERY SINGLE ONE. Over-driven nails may penetrate through the shingle, compromising its integrity and potentially causing leaks. On the other hand, under-driven nails may not hold the shingle securely, making it vulnerable to wind uplift and other external factors. Hand-nailing eliminates these risks, as roofers can physically feel the resistance and adjust the force accordingly, ensuring each and every nail is driven to the optimal depth.

Nails showing because they weren't driven in far enough
You can actually see the nails in this roof because the nail gun didn’t drive them in enough!

Minimized Damage to Shingles:

Nail guns exert a significant amount of force when driving nails, which can sometimes lead to shingle damage. The intense pressure can crack or fracture shingles, weakening their structure and compromising their ability to protect the roof. Hand-nailing, on the other hand, allows for a gentler approach. Roofers can apply the necessary force to secure the shingles without causing unnecessary damage, preserving the overall integrity of the roof

Improved Longevity and Durability:

A roof is designed to protect a building for many years, and its durability is of utmost importance. Hand-nailing plays a significant role in achieving a roof with exceptional longevity. The careful placement of each nail ensures that shingles are securely fastened, even in extreme weather conditions. By avoiding the risks associated with nail guns, such as shingle fractures or under-driven nails, hand-nailing contributes to a more robust roof system that can withstand the test of time.

Adaptable to Challenging Roofing Situations:

Not all roofs are created equal. Some roofs feature complex angles, dormers, or irregularly shaped areas that require meticulous attention during installation. In such situations, hand-nailing provides the necessary flexibility and adaptability. Roofers can adjust their approach, using different nails and techniques to navigate challenging areas. Hand-nailing allows for greater finesse and precision, ensuring that every part of the roof is properly secured.

While nail guns offer speed and convenience for many construction tasks, the fact is, nail-gunned roofs have problems 100% of the time. The precision, reduced risk of damage, improved longevity, and adaptability offered by hand-nailing make it the preferred method for professional roofers aiming to deliver high-quality, durable roofs. By taking the time and effort to hand-nail roofs, homeowners can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a securely fastened, long-lasting roof that withstands the elements for years to come.

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