The Beautiful and Damaging Leaves of Fall

Fall is coming. One of the most beautiful aspects of fall is when the leaves change color. Especially here in Metro Atlanta we have a variety of tree species during the fall that give us postcard-like scenery all around us. There is hardly a place in the Metro area that is devoid of trees, especially in the outskirts and suburbs.

That beauty has a price though. While having a yard with colorful trees is a beautiful sight, it’s only temporary as the leaves quickly die and fall. These fallen leaves can have a negative impact on your roof. As beautiful and harmless as they may seem, they create a large mess and can cause damage to your home.

As the leaves fall and collect on your roof they retain moisture and water. Left for too long, this gets into the shingles and they will begin to rot, causing leaks that cause even more damage.

Keeping an eye on your roof and noting the amount of leaves on it is the best way to determine if you have a leaf problem. The safest method of course is walking around the exterior and looking around. If you are unable to see some parts of the roof you may need to use a ladder to get a better view, but keep in mind this can be dangerous and it is best to leave that to a professional especially if you need to get on the roof itself as it can be very slippery. Whether you do it yourself or hire a professional, if you see any accumulation of leaves, clear them immediately to avoid further damage.

Of course, prevention is best. Gutter covers and/or eliminating or trimming back branches of close trees so the leaves don’t collect on the roof to begin with. Call a professional, such as Atlanta Roofing Specialists, to inspect your home and show you the options to keep your roof healthy and clean throughout the year!

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