So, it rains cats and dogs, and all of a sudden you notice stains or wet lines on your ceiling. The time has come, it’s happened, your roof is leaking and you need to act quick until you can get Atlanta Roofing Specialists out there to repair it. You know you need to call and have someone come out ASAP, but what can you do in the meantime until help arrives?

  • The ol’ standby: Buckets or other large containers.
  • If the ceiling is visibly leaking and pooling onto the floor, it is critical to clean it up and use a bucket or other large container to catch the water. If you can get into the attic, even better, collect the water up there to prevent further damage to the ceiling and other areas.

    Until the weather improves, there isn’t much else you can do aside from tracing the leak from within and preventing as much damage as possible, but once the weather clears you can get up on the roof and make some temporary repairs until Atlanta Roofing can get there. Especially if it’s just a lull in the storm.

    When you’re up on the roof, look around for things like missing shingles or pooled water. Sliding a temporary replacement shingle under the existing shingle will be sufficient until Atlanta Roofing can get there and replace the shingles, removing the pooled water will help in preventing further damage.

  • Clear any debris from the roof and gutters, look around for signs of where the leak may be originating from.
  • Check the roof flashing, if it has been pulled or twisted back you may want to use duct tape as a temporary measure until it can be properly repaired.
  • Visually inspecting the roof and areas that are prone to leakage may reveal the source of the leak, cuts or cracks in the membrane can be temporarily sealed with duct tape or plastic roof cement even using spare membrane as an emergency patch.

    Of course all of these are temporary fixes and may survive the next rain but once a leak occurs it is extremely important to have a professional come out and inspect the roof thoroughly and repair any damage properly. Failure to do so could result in even more damage making a somewhat smaller problem into a major disaster.

    Alternatively, if it’s much more than a small leak or DIY temporary repairs just aren’t an option and you need someone out there immediately, Atlanta Roofing Specialists does offer 24-hour Emergency Service and will make any temporary repairs until the roof can be properly assessed and repaired properly.

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