While we here in the Atlanta area rarely are affected too badly from hurricanes and other storms originating in the Gulf or Caribbean, sometimes, if the storm is large enough, it will affect us here, sometimes resulting in heavy damage and power outages.

Dangers of storm around here include high winds, falling trees and limbs, lightning, flooding and more. It is important to have a strong roof to fortify your home and help it “weather the storm”. Extra supports need to secure the roofing structure to the body of the home. If the roof, windows and doors stay intact, it is likely the home will survive a storm.

While not as prolonged as direct hurricane winds, thunderstorms and other byproducts to those around a hurricane can also cause significant damage. If you have enough warning, you can do a quick inspection and prepare any weak areas in preparation of an oncoming weather event. Trim back tree branches and clear any areas of objects that can be thrown around in a high wind event.

Hail damage is notorious for causing dents on cars and weakening roods and shingles. After a storm which produces hail, look around and make sure there is no water leaking. If you suspect hail damage don’t hesitate to call for a reputable professional to do a thorough inspection.

Storms can catch people by surprise, it is best to have your roof inspected regularly to hedge against unnecessary damage and to possibly save your home from the devastation that accompanies the worst storms. As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Finally, DO YOUR HOMEWORK, watch out for Storm Chasers and protect your self from scams. For more on what to look out for click here.

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