So last weekend was the last weekend of Winter and Spring is on it’s way! Your roof may have survived the weather changes, storms, and periodic blasts of cold, now it’s time to inspect your roof for any damage and get it ready for the weather that’s coming.

Spring is one of the best times of year to have proper maintenance performed, especially in the South where the most brutal weather can come in Spring and Summer. So when it’s time to “git ‘er dun”, keep these things in mind.


Your gutter system was designed to remove water from your roof to prevent damage from pooling and moisture buildup and discourage mold growth and other problems water can cause to your home’s structure.

Clogged or dirty gutters can shorten the life of your roof by allowing water and moisture to build up and cause damage. It’s important to clean these regularly to maintain the integrity of your roof. A couple of times a year is fine unless you have trees close by, in which case you should check more frequently.

With the warm weather that’s coming, it’s a great time to have them cleaned out properly. Not only by removing any debris but also washing or blowing out built up dirt that has accumulated.

Shingle Condition

After the gutters are taken care of, surveying your shingles for damage should be next on your list. While we cannot recommend climbing on your roof, if you are predisposed to such things you can survey the shingle field for missing pieces, peeling areas, or granule loss. The small rocks on the surface of the shingles (granules) help protect your roof from the weather if any shingles looks smooth or are missing these granules it’s time to replace them.


Flashing is the metal strips that seal gaps and prevent water from seeping beneath the shingles. These should be checked at each roof inspection, especially around a chimney, skylights, and valley areas as these are the most common areas prone to leaks. Any damage found should be repaired immediately to prevent further damage.

While those prone to getting on a roof themselves can inspect these areas, it is recommended to have a professional inspect your roof at least once a year especially if it’s older, steep, or dangerous. With a free roof inspection from Atlanta Roofing Specialists, there really is no reason not to call us today!

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