Spring Cleaning Tips To Make Your Life Easier

springSpring cleaning is a tradition practiced all over the world. The origins of which aren’t entirely clear but there are several possibilities. From the Jewish practice of cleaning a home for the springtime memorial feast of Passover, the Catholic tradition of thoroughly cleaning a church on Maundy Thursday (the day before Good Friday also in the Spring) that is still practiced by Orthodox nations such as Greece, to the tradition of cleaning a house thoroughly either right before or during the first week of Great Lent, also referred to as Clean Week (April 1). Spring cleaning has been around for a long time.

Here in America the tradition was found to be especially practical, especially before the invention of the vacuum cleaner. When the weather finally warmed enough to open windows and doors (but not warm enough for bugs) to be able to dust thoroughly and allow the incoming breeze to carry the dust away.

Even with the technologies available today to make housecleaning easier,  Spring Cleaning remains a tradition where we still open our homes, let the breeze in and get our homes ready for the upcoming months.

Here are some tips we’ve gathered from around the web to make the job easier!

Do It All On A Weekend

Set aside a weekend and get an early start on the first day. Plan everything in stages shooting for the afternoon of the second day to finish the job to give yourself time to relax and have a celebratory meal.

Get Everything You Need Ahead Of Time

Prepare ahead of time to get all the cleaning products you need. Nothing can make a large project take longer than having to stop and run to the store for items you need.

De-clutter first!

Use post-it notes to label things like “store”, “trash”, “keep” and de-clutter your space from the get go! This will clear the space and make it much easier to see what actually needs swept, dusted, polished or deep-cleaned.

Tackle The Big Stuff Early

Taking care of the bigger tasks early on while you are fresh and have the most energy will give you a bigger sense of accomplishment early and make the job feel more manageable as time moves on.

Clean Areas That Are Normally Overlooked

Clean your dishwasher and washing machine by running them empty with a cup of vinegar. Pull out appliances such as the oven and refrigerator so you can get to the crud that collects throughout the year. Doing this once a year can help keep the mess to a minimum.

Hire Professionals To Do The Hard Or Dangerous Stuff

Getting up on a roof to clean gutters and sweep debris off can be quite dangerous. Having a professional roof contractor maintain your roof can also help prevent problems by having a trained eye find potential issues that otherwise would go unnoticed during maintenance.

Finally, reward yourself with a nice bath, massage, or dinner at your favorite restaurant when you’re done. Spring cleaning can be a tough job, but the satisfaction in knowing your home is clean from top to bottom is priceless.




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