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Introducing Timberline Solar™
Featuring The World’s First Nailable Solar Shingle

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Why not make your new roof a solar roof?

We offer Timberline Solar™ from GAF Energy, a roof that generates clean energy, looks great, and can pay you back over time as it powers your home (and reduces your electric bills!).

Solar Roof
Nailing a Solar roof shingle

The World’s First Nailable Solar Shingle

This new solar roof boasts the world’s first nailable solar shingle, the Timberline Solar Energy Shingle™ (ES). The ES is assembled in the US, at GAF Energy’s stateside manufacturing plant.

“We are proud to be one of the first roofers in the country to sell and install this new solar roof technology.”

Mark Rutherford, Owner, Atlanta Roofing Specialists, Inc.

GAF Quality & Warranty Plus Energy Production

Timberline Solar™ protects like a roof and has solar energy built right in, and has comparable warranty coverage to the leading roofing brand in North America, too.

Picture Of House With Timerbline Solar Shingle Roof
GAF Timberline Solar Shingles Awards

Award Winning Solar Shingle Technology

These shingles are innovative; but don’t just take our word for it. Timberline Solar has received three awards from the leading consumer technology association in the world, the CTA — including its highest honor at CES 2022, the Best of Innovation Award.

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