The “Secret” To Leak-Free Skylights All Year Round!

Who doesn’t love skylights? Done properly, skylights look great and are an excellent source of natural sunlight especially during the winter months.  A defective or leaking skylight , however, can negate any benefits by causing headaches and lost money.

Why Do Skylights Leak?

To prevent leaks, it’s important to know their causes. From improper installation to debris buildup and damage, leaking skylights allow moisture to seep into your home causing damage.

Prevent skylight leaks by identifying and correcting problem areas during installation and with regular inspections throughout the year.

Skylight Installation

Poor installation is the most common cause of skylight leaks. Skylight installation is a complex process with a large variety of problems that can occur.

Though modern skylights have some parts pre-installed (flashing for example) making things somewhat easier, installation must be precise, any mistakes can cause leaks.

The complexity of skylight installation warrants professional attention. Anything less and you risk years of damaging leaks and wasted money.


Skylights aren’t a “set it & forget it” thing. Regular inspections and maintenance is crucial to having problem free skylights.

You want to keep your skylights free of debris, including ice, snow, leaves, sticks and other things that can hamper the drainage around the skylight.

Clear any debris that may build up on the roof as they cause leaks not only through the skylight but through siding, loose shingles, and other areas of the roof. Keep your gutters clean for maximum effectiveness.


If you notice condensation on your skylight, you may have an improperly vented room in the house. Condensation from bathrooms or sun rooms can be controlled by using dehumidifiers in these rooms or by having proper ventilation installed. Ensure all rooms, especially those prone to heavy condensation activities such as bathrooms and kitchens are properly ventilated.

If you suspect your may have a leaking skylight and live in the Metro Atlanta area, call Atlanta Roofing Specialists todayat 770-419-2222. You can have leak-free skylights!

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