Save Energy (& Money) This Summer With These Simple Tips!

Roof_Fire_smallerHeat waves, like the one we’re in now, can get expensive as we try to keep our homes and businesses cool without breaking the bank. Especially in areas like Metro Atlanta, where it’s not so much the heat as it is the humidity. It’s not just an old joke, the fact is humidity can make temperatures feel much hotter than the mercury indicates.

Luckily, we have air-conditioning to help combat even the hottest days. While this has the benefit of accomplishing the main goal of getting cool, it has the drawback of using resources which in turn costs us more and more money. Especially when the energy is being wasted. So what can you do to keep costs down without sacrificing comfort?

Have Your Roof Inspected

Having your roof inspected by a roof contractor can help reduce energy costs by revealing problems such as improper ventilation, inadequate insulation, leaks, holes or other issues that can increase your energy costs. As most homes built in the last century were built without ventilation in mind, you may be surprised how beneficial an inspection can be!

Use Your Air Conditioning Wisely

Keep your AC well maintained and regularly serviced (at least once a year) and don’t forget to change the air filter. Set your thermostat (if it’s programmable even better!) to 78 degrees and use ceiling fans only in occupied rooms (fans cool people not rooms). Your air conditioner can account for 50% or more of your electric bill in the summer so staying on top of these things can save you money almost immediately.

Use Hot Water Sparingly

Most hot water heaters are energy hogs. Doing small things like washing laundry in warm or even cold water, lowering the water heater to 125 degrees (which is hot enough for most even though a lot come preset at 140) and turning it off completely when away for more than a couple of days can save you hundreds a year!

These tips can save you hundreds a year in energy costs while keeping you cool and comfortable but only if you follow them. Call Atlanta Roofing Specialists today for a free estimate and find out how much you could be saving today!


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