You Have Roofing Questions? We Have Roofing Answers!

We’ve gotten a lot of questions over the past 25 years. After all, most homeowners aren’t roof experts, so naturally when it’s time for a roof repair or new roof, they have a lot of questions.  While answers to the most popular such as “How much?” are unanswerable without a proper roof inspection, we can answer many others.

The following are five of the most common questions we receive from homeowners.

How do I know when it is time for a new roof?

For most homeowners, you have to get that answer from a roof contractor after a full roof inspection. There are multiple factors that go into determining if a roof replacement is better than a roof repair.

We look for a couple of things – Inspecting the shingles, are they curled? Losing granules
or shrinking? We also look at all flashings, vents, chimneys and in the valleys. Checking for any signs of wear or damage. We take this information from the inspection and combined with other factors such as roof age, the condition of the materials, and climate conditions and compare not only the costs but the potential benefits of replacing a roof. It’s a similar process for roofer to roofer.

The good news is, for most people a full roof replacement isn’t necessary. Call a few roof contractors and compare the results of their inspections to be sure you get all the information you need.

Does shingle color matter for how long a roof will last?

Shingle color will affect the attic temperature to some degree. A darker roof will draw more heat into the attic where a lighter roof will draw less. But for the most part, color has little effect on a properly installed roof.

Usually, a well-ventilated attic will perform quite well under a dark or light roof. The main thing that affects the life of a roof is the type of shingle. The higher the quality the longer it lasts.

Should I ask a contractor for a copy of their insurance?

Yes, always! When you ask and receive insurance certificates it shows two things – you are
concerned who is on your property and that you are working with an insured, well-established roofing contractor. Established roof contractors are usually fully insured with workman’s compensation and liability insurance and will provide insurance certificated upon request. By using a non-insured roofer you run the risk of being held liable for injuries on your property.

Do I have enough ventilation?

Proper ventilation is extremely important, especially to homeowners concerned about utility costs. The vast majority of homes in America were constructed before we understood how ventilation affects a home, as such most US homes aren’t properly ventilated.

Vents are just the start. Do you have soffit vents? If not, are they gable end vents? You may also have ridge vents. Vents help ensure proper attic ventilation and are very important to the life of your roof.

To tell if you have enough ventilation, we inspect all ventilation to ensure it is adequate on every roof. If ventilation is inadequate, we can install all types to vent your roof properly and extend its life and protect your investment.

Is there a “best time” of year to replace a roof?

Spring through the end of November is typically the best time for roofing. In the South, with the much milder weather, this can extend all year round with some exceptions during the “dead of winter” months like January/February. As a rule, once the thermometer hits the freezing point, it’s better to wait for warmer weather.

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