humidIt’s estimated that 90% of homes have excessive moisture due primarily to poor ventilation. For many years, little was understood in the construction industry about the importance of proper ventilation and many homes and buildings were constructed without giving it a thought. Even today there are misconceptions about what constitutes proper ventilation, hopefully we can clear a few up today.

Myth: The More Ventilated The Better

Precise ventilation configuration is required to maintain a healthy roof and home. Too little and one develops moisture problems in the summer and poor energy efficiency in the winter. Too much and it can be even worse.

So how do you know your home is properly ventilated? Talk to a professional, ventilation is a custom job and should be done by a professional with the knowledge and experience to measure your homes dimensions and layout and determine precisely what you need.

Myth: Roof Vents Waste Heat During The Winter

Everyone knows that heat rises but too many make the false deduction that since heat rises, it must be escaping through the roof vents and actually increasing your heating bills. The truth of the matter is, your furnace should not be heating your attic at all, and if it is, you more than likely have insulation problems. If you have insulation problems, this can mimic ventilation problems as warm, moist air from below hits your roof and condensation forms causing more problems.

Myth: Ventilation Isn’t That Big Of A Deal As Long As You Don’t Have Problems

Many, if not most, problems caused by improper ventilation largely stay hidden for months, even years before it becomes an obvious problem. By then it is often too late, requiring hundreds, if not thousands and even tens of thousands as the damage is rarely isolated to one part of the home. Moisture can affect everything from the roof to the foundation.

Myth: As Long As You Have Roof Vents, You Have Ventilation

While roof vents are a part of a properly ventilated home, the mere presence of them doesn’t indicate one way or another if the home is properly ventilated. Depending on the type of vent (ridge, gable, and/or soffit) and how it was installed (and by whom) they could be completely ineffective or actually detrimental to the roof system. If you are unsure of what kind of vents you have and if they are doing the job they are meant to, calling a professional and getting an inspection would be in your best interest.

At Atlanta Roofing Specialists, we take ventilation seriously and apply the latest proven methods to insure your roof is in great shape and is properly ventilated. If you are in the Metro Atlanta area and aren’t sure if your home is properly ventilated call us to day for a free estimate!


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