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Why Roof Replacement Is Better Than A Reroof/Roof Over

Reroofing, also known as a roof over, may sound like a synonym for roof replacement but it really isn’t. While both involve getting a new roof, reroofing/roof over’s are the process of installing a new roof OVER an old roof (leaving it in place) while roof replacement involves removing the old roof completely, installing everything brand new.

The only reason one would be considering a reroof/roof over would be to save immediate, short-term money. There really isn’t any other benefit than that. Installing a roof over an old one is much less labor intensive as the roof contractor doesn’t have to remove the old roof. Thus, the labor is cheaper. While this may sound good in the short term, you may pay dearly for it later if the old roof had hidden problems, like rotten boards, or go over weight limits for your frame.

Re-roofs/Roof-overs Ignore What’s Going On Beneath An Old Roof

Tearing off an old roof during a roof replacement allows the roof contractor to inspect everything about your roof fully. To actually find any and all problems and most importantly FIX THEM! From stopping the spread of rot, to finding and repairing holes and other hard to find problems, a re-roof doesn’t fix any of that, it just covers it up and in this case, what you can’t see can definitely hurt you!

With a full roof replacement you get to start fresh! A new roof looks great, while reroofs and roof-overs will often be lumpy in places. It can also reduce your new roof’s life as lumpy areas are impeding the water flow that would normally flow more easily over a smooth, level surface. The quicker water is routed off your roof, the better.

Is A Re-roof/Roof-over Really The Cheaper Option?

The labor costs in tearing off an old roof is often more expensive than an entire re-roof on it’s own but this “savings” comes with big risks. Especially on older homes, if there is ANY dry rotting wood that becomes a problem after putting on the new roof, the cost to replace the rotten wood alone can cost as much as 100% of the initial reroof cost!

Any future repairs on a reroofed house can cost double the effort and double the materials. It’s tougher to troubleshoot and repair roofs with multiple layers and often the costs can shoot past what a full replacement would have cost!

While it is true that some re-roofs can be ok for the homeowner in optimal circumstances (if the old roof is almost perfect), is it really worth the risk?

Don’t Be Cheap, Get The Job Done Right, The First Time

At Atlanta Roofing Specialists, we offer roof replacement only, no re-roofs, no roof-overs, when it comes to ensuring the quality of a new roof, it needs to be a fully new roof. When it comes to your home, you really get what you pay for and when it comes to your roof, quality over cost should win every time!

Atlanta Roofing Specialists has been replacing roofs in the Metro Atlanta GA area for 30 years! Call us at (770) 419-2222 today to get your estimate for your residential or commercial roof replacement today!

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