With Roof Contractors Booked Weeks In Advance, Beware Of Scams

When sustained rains hit most Metropolitan areas (like Metro Atlanta the past month or so), many homeowners find themselves flocking to roof contractors as they discover their roofs weren’t as strong as they thought.

This causes local roof contractors to book even initial estimates weeks or months in advance, if they are accepting new estimates at all! As a result, homeowners can find themselves waiting in tarp covered houses until their turn comes.

For most, the wait isn’t a problem but others can get quite impatient and make bad decisions. It’s during these times roof and other construction/home repair scams come out in force.

They either outright take your money and run or they use cheap materials and poor labor practice to give you an expensive roof that lasts a couple of years, if you’re lucky.

Avoiding these scams isn’t difficult but requires some effort.

1) If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

2) If they push you for an immediate decision, just say NO!

3) Never allow someone you don’t know (especially if they just showed up to your door) up on your roof.

4) Obtain bids from at least 3 different local roof contractors you find (most scammers are from out of town)

5) Do your due diligence on any roof contractor (Check the Better Business Bureau, online reviews, websites, etc)

6) Read our “Do Your Homework” section for more information on how you can check out your roof contractor and be assured you are hiring a legitimate company.

Even if they aren’t scammers, bad roofers, even some legitimate start-ups (inexperienced and/or one man operations) can cause more damage to your roof in the form of shoddy work, cheap materials, property damage, and delays then the original problem! Know who you are hiring and the risks.

For over 25 years, Atlanta Roofing Specialists has been serving the Metro Atlanta area, offering free roof inspections with decades of experience and a proven track record of quality on exceptional customer service. We are currently booking 3-4 weeks in advance but are accepting new bookings. Contact us at 770-419-2222 to schedule your free estimate and get your place in line reserved today.

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