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How A Retro-Fit TPO Roof Can Solve Your Metal Buildings Leak Problems

Replacing a metal roof on a commercial building can be a costly experience, not only in terms of material and labor but the added costs of closing parts or all of your business while the old roof is torn off and the new one is put on. Fortunately, these days, a complete tear off and replacement isn’t your only option.

Atlanta Roofing Specialists is now offering a retro-fit TPO roof for building owners (commercial or otherwise) that need to fix their leaky roof without the downtime and cost of replacing it fully. No tear off, added insulation & energy efficiency, and it expands and contracts with your building!

Retro-fit TPO over Metal Roof

What is a retro-fit TPO roof?

Basically, a metal roof retro-fit is a metal roof repair process in which the existing metal on a building or structure is left in place and recovered or overlaid with another roof material. In this case, laying a TPO membrane over the existing metal roof. The thinking behind this is that if rubberized roofing membranes like TPO are used to waterproof flat roofs successfully, why not install them over metal roofs to stop the leaks while saving a nice chunk of money and stress while adding benefits such as insulation and energy efficiency?

Why would a building owner choose a metal roof retro-fit?

Metro roof retro-fits are popular with both building owners and roof contractors simply because they work. They are also much less expensive than full replacements while permanently stopping leaks, keeping the building and its contents safe. Plus, since the existing roof remains intact, there is little to no disruption to normal business operations. Unlike full replacements which require any areas being torn off and new roofing installed to be shut down.

A retro-fit TPO roof can last 15-25 years or more depending on the thickness of the TPO membrane and costs roughly half of what a full replacement would. Add in the energy savings and minimal downtime and you can see why it’s becoming a popular alternative to full replacement.

Retro-fit TPO roofs are an effective, cost-effective way to permanently stop leaks without breaking the bank or your management budget. For more information on if a retro-fit TPO roof is right for your Metro Atlanta building, contact Atlanta Roofing Specialists today!

Atlanta Roofing Specialists is an A+ BBB rated, Versico Systems Certified Contractor and GAF Master Select Commercial Roofing Contractor located in Marietta, GA serving Metro Atlanta, GA for 30 years! Call us today at (770) 419-2222 to schedule your retro-fit estimate or discuss your commercial roof project today!

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