Resolve To Get Your Roof In Shape For 2018!

It’s that time of year again, time to say goodbye to old man 2017 and welcome 2018!

A time to say goodbye to the past and make new resolutions for a better future.

In America, Studies show the top 3 resolutions are usually losing weight, getting organized and to spend less/save more money.

A healthy roof is key to help relieve stress and to save money for any homeowner. For 2018, why not make sure your biggest investment is ready for anything?

Say goodbye to 2017’s roof problems by resolving to get your roof fixed or replaced in 2018!

Free Estimates

Starting with a free inspection/estimate*, roof contractors like Atlanta Roofing Specialists can identify all the elements for your specific roof and have the whole picture of where your roof is now and where it should be.

Many roofs are similar, but every roof has something that sets it apart. Whether it’s special materials, custom constructed areas, or even the way it’s constructed. Having a full picture of your roofs current state will allow your roof contractor make informed suggestions and craft a custom tailored maintenance plan to keep your roof in top shape for years to come!

After The Inspection

After the inspection is completed, your roofer should take the time to explain all the important aspects of your roof. They will point out any problems or areas of improvement, and answer any questions you may have.

If any immediate work is needed, you are provided with a detailed estimate. Any temporary fixes, if needed, should be arranged and provided by the contractor.

Get It All Fixed or Replaced

Before any maintenance plan is put together, get your roof in the best shape it can be. If your initial inspection reveals any problems or your roof contractor points out areas that need improvement, have these done as soon as possible.

It’s the little things that can be fixed cheap that are so often neglected and forgotten about until they become a major issue. Having a professional inspect your roof will help ensure that every problem is found and repaired before any maintenance plan is enacted.

Ongoing Regular Roof Maintenance

Once your roof is in shape, your roof contractor can tailor a customized maintenance plan that includes regular inspections to keep your roof in top shape while ensuring you are compliant with your warranty and insurance policies!

Don’t put it off for another day! In Metro Atlanta contact Atlanta Roofing Specialists today for your FREE Roof Inspection/Estimate* and start the new year off right!

If you’re outside of Metro Atlanta, do your homework before you hire!

* Free Roof Inspections for Homeowners/Building Owners only, Realtor’s or other third parties requiring documentation such as inspection reports may be charged additional.

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