To Replace Or Not To Replace Your Roof, That Is The Question…For Some

When it’s storming outside there’s nothing like being in your home, safe and secure from almost any adverse weather. It’s times like these people can appreciate a good working roof system that otherwise goes unnoticed.

But, if storms are an source of stress due to visible leaks, it might be time to replace your roof, especially if it’s 15 years or older.

Of course not all leaks require immediate roof replacement (most don’t), but a lot do. If you aren’t sure, now’s a great time to find out!

Consider the following:


How Old Is Your Roof?

You don’t want to replace your roof if it isn’t absolutely necessary. One of the bigger factors are your roofs age. If you aren’t sure how old your roof is, check your paperwork to find the install date or get in contact with the previous owner. Depending on your type of roof, it could be near the end of it’s lifespan. Typically shingle roofs, which make up the majority of homes, only last only 10- 20 years.

Thinking About Doing It Yourself?

Roofing isn’t as simple as slapping layer of shingles on with glue and patching things here and there. For most people, installing a new roof is a bad idea. Forget about the often expensive mistakes that even some professional roofers can make, if you aren’t 100% sure you know what you are doing, the physical risk alone should make you think twice .

If, on the other hand, you have a decent amount of roofing or similar construction experience and the proper tools and equipment it’s possible you could handle a simple installation such as shingles, but if you have the slightest doubt, call a professional.

What Contractor Should You Choose?

Finding a local roof contractor should be easy, a quick “google” for roof contractor or roof repair and similar keywords normally yield multiple results, especially near larger cities. Once you have a few contractors in mind don’t forget to do your homework! There are plenty of great roof contractors but, as in other service industries, there are those who shouldn’t be in business and others who have no qualms about ripping you off!

What Kind Of Roof Do You Want?

There are a large variety of materials available to homeowners today, from the low end 3-tab shingle that lasts 10 – 15 years to high-end slate roofs that can last 100 years or more! It’s all about your budget and how long you are living in your home. As long as you’ve done your homework and have chosen wisely, your roof contractor will provide an honest estimate of your costs with a variety of materials and designs to choose from that are right for your home, climate and budget.

Get a few estimates from your local roof contractors, they should be free and will give you a clear picture of whether it’s worth it to repair or go ahead and replace your roof.

In Metro Atlanta, Atlanta Roofing Specialists offer free estimates! If you aren’t sure if you should repair or replace your roof call us today at 770-419-2222! We’ve been repairing and replacing Metro Atlanta homeowners since 1993!

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