Do You Really Need A Professional Roof Inspection?

When it comes time to make repairs around your home, there’s nothing like a roof problem to get the adrenaline going.

The thing with roofs is ,even the smallest leak can not only wreak havoc on your house it can be a costly repair. Left untreated, small holes in your roof can cause all kinds of problems all over your house.

From shorting out electrical systems (risking fire) to damaging your homes infrastructure to mold and mildew causing health problems, tracking down and solving the problem quickly is imperative.

This can be quite stressful and many homeowners will think of ways to reduce the cost. Roof inspection should not be one of these.

A professional roof inspection is the place to start when you notice a problem with your roof. Besides being free most of the time, there are a myriad of reasons not to handle this yourself or hand it over to Cousin Vinnie.

Why A Professional Roof Inspection?

As simple as roofs look, they are highly complicated systems designed specifically to protect your home from moisture. The slightest mistake or problem can throw the entire system out of whack preventing the roof from doing what it was designed to do. The result is leaks.

The purpose of a professional roof inspection isn’t just to determine how to fix a problem but also to prevent future problems and determining how much life the roof has left. You also get the added benefit of obtaining a proper certificate of inspection that’s valid for 2 -5 years which can come in handy for future warranty or insurance claims or even if you sell your home.

When purchasing a home, many people hire a home inspector to make sure their purchases are solid. While they can point out any obvious problems seen from the ground, they typically don’t get up onto the roof for a full inspection. This is the job of the roof inspection specialist. When even the professional home inspectors don’t want to mess with the roof, you shouldn’t either.

For Do-it-yourself’ers and other laypeople, a self roof inspection is not only not recommended, it’s discouraged. Walking around on a roof without knowing what you are doing is dangerous not only to your person but to the roof itself.

A properly trained roof inspector will have the training and equipment to safely inspect your home without risk to life or property.   Even those who may be able to pull it off without killing themselves end up missing problems that are clear to a trained eye, defeating the whole process.

Finally, for most homeowners (house flippers, Realtor’s who need additional paperwork aside) professional roof inspections are free. At that price, there really is no reason to delay. If you suspect you roof may be failing it’s job or notice any leaks call your local roof contractor today for a proper professional roof inspection.


In Metro Atlanta, call Atlanta Roofing Specialists at 770-419-2222 for your free* roof inspection today!

*Additional charges may apply to Realtors and other home sellers requiring additional paperwork.

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