Rain Or Shine, Making Sure Your Roof Is Ready For Just About Anything

GAF Colony gray 1Not many places around the world have consistent, mild weather all year long, and for the rest of us in areas where it can be as cold as the arctic one week and hot as the tropics the next, it’s not just storms that wear a roof down.

Constantly changing temperatures, extended periods of extreme heat or cold, not to mention storms and excessive rains or snow are wearing down the materials in your roof all the time. Very few materials are completely resistant to the natures wrath and even then they require some level of maintenance to last as long as they do.

Fortunately, no matter what type of roof you have,  to maximize it’s life and even extend it past it’s projected lifespan in any climate, you need do only a few things.

Regular Roof & Gutter Maintenance

This includes once yearly inspections by a professional roof contractor (twice for commercial buildings), regular scheduled roof cleanings, keeping the roof and gutters clear of leaves and other debris and professional cleanings especially if algae or other problems arise.

Regular Visual Inspections

This doesn’t have to been done by a professional, and depending on your roof, you may be able to see most areas from the ground. Periodically walk around your house looking for things such as loose shingles or protruding nails, inspect the gutters and downspouts, looking for shingle granules or other debris that may indicate problems. If you see any obvious problems or something you aren’t sure about contact a professional and arrange a formal inspection.

Promptly Fix Any Problems As Soon As They Are Discovered

It can seem like a small risk to let a wet spot on the ceiling or leak in a room to go on for a while until you are ready to fix it. This is probably one of the most common mistakes homeowners make. Allowing an initially small problem to go on for days, weeks, months, even years until it causes thousands more in repairs and in a lot of cases, a complete roof replacement.

While roof replacements are expensive, many repairs aren’t that bad. If you come across any potential problems while doing a self-inspection, address them immediately, it really can mean the difference between a few hundred dollars in repairs now or thousands, even tens of thousands later.

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