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Procrastination Is Your Roofs Biggest Enemy

Your roof has one job, protect your home from the elements, especially water. On it’s own, water is a refreshing, life-sustaining element but to your home, it’s like a destructive virus. Once it get’s past your roof, it starts getting into the walls, ceilings, even the foundations of your home, eating away at your homes very structure.

Water is so damaging, often the best answer is to just rip everything out and rebuild.

A roof is precisely designed to route water away from any area where it could do damage. From the angle and pitch of your roof, to the flashing on the chimney, to the way the nail is hammered into the shingle, every single design choice is made meticulously and with one purpose, to prevent water from getting into your home.

When that process is interrupted the water could go anywhere. And it does. It finds the path of least resistance and will follow it to it’s end. It will pool up in areas around your roof, or around your foundation, in your driveway, splashing over your front door, if there are any holes anywhere, it will get in there.

Water Is Only As Damaging As It’s Allowed To Be

If found and repaired quickly, the cause of most roof problems can be relatively inexpensive. Mostly it’s clogged gutters, debris on the roof, or something small like that, other times it’s a warning that the roof is about to collapse.

Too many times though, the signs are ignored. The gutters are full but who has time to clean them? Shingles are falling off but it’s not that bad. That bucket in the kitchen only fills up when it storms, it’s just a drip.

The problem is ignored and water continues it’s destructive path through your home. After a while, that little drip has become a large stain, then a bubble, finally bursting into your kitchen and flooding your home.

If You Think You Have A Roof Problem, Get On It Now

Prevention and prompt attention to problems are crucial, and it’s not even hard. Have your roof inspected at least once a year, keep your roof well-maintained, and call a roof contractor anytime you even suspect you may have a problem. If problems are found, get them fixed immediately.

Like a disease, if caught early a roof problem can be a small thing but left alone can cost you everything.

In Metro Atlanta, call Atlanta Roofing Specialists at (770) 419-2222 for a free estimate or set up a roof maintenance plan to ensure your roof lasts for decades to come!

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