One Simple Thing To Make Your Roof Last For Years & Years!

Grand Manor stonegate gray (1)Roofs vary from home to home, building to building and depending on multiple factors from materials to how it was installed it can last anywhere from 10 years to over 100! Of course if you want a home with a roof that will last over a century you’ll need specific materials and a good deal of cash but it can be done. But did you know that even if you have a shingle roof with an expected lifetime of 20-30 years you can make it reach not only it’s expected life but exceed it? Well you can!

What’s this big secret to a long lasting roof? Well, for starters it’s not a secret but for many homeowners it might as well be. The key to a happy, healthy long lasting roof is…..regular maintenance! We’re not talking about just getting the gutters cleaned and keeping debris off your roof (although that’s part of it) but yearly roof inspections (for commercial buildings twice yearly) from a professional roof contractor and following through with repairs as they surface on top of keeping the gutters and roof clear of debris.

Too many homeowners let their roofs go for years without proper maintenance only calling in a professional when a leak is noticed or some other problem occurs that is obviously a problem. In many cases, had yearly inspections been performed properly they could have saved the time, money, and headaches of major roof problems as most of these begin as small faults.

It takes a trained eye to inspect a roof and see problems that usually go unnoticed by laymen and taking care of these issues right away not only helps prevent larger problems from developing, it can actually extend the life of your roof due to premature aging and damaged caused by water. In many cases, a properly maintained roof can outlive it’s expected lifespan for years, even decades in some cases.

Your roof is one of the largest expenses on your home and as such it’s important to make it last as long as possible! If it’s been awhile since your last inspection or you don’t have a formal roof maintenance plan call Atlanta Roofing Specialists at 770-419-2222 today! If you are in the Metro Atlanta area we will come to your house and help make sure your roof is in shape not just today but for years to come!

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