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Nothing Replaces An On-Site Roof Inspection..Yet

Technology has it’s place in business, roofing isn’t any different. It’s how you use that technology to do your job that matters and while today’s tech is helpful and really cool, we are nowhere near Star Trek levels of technology where simply scanning a home with a drone or from orbit (Google Maps) will tell us all we need to know, not yet anyway.

Throughout these past years of social distancing and minimizing human contact, we’ve seen more than a few companies misrepresenting some technologies in the name of safety and convenience, much to the detriment of homeowners. This is completely unnecessary, as we’ve proved over the past couple of years, safely performing inspections throughout the pandemic. Performing a proper roof inspection requires very few additional steps to protect homeowners and our employees from such things.

It’s Not Possible To Do A Full Proper Roof Inspection Without Getting On The Roof

Too many roofers are out there claiming onsite roof estimates are obsolete! Now they can just send a guy with a drone, take a few pictures and work out a full estimate without even getting on your roof! They seem to imply the drone gives them all the information they need, the fact is, technology simply isn’t “there” to give us any more info than regular old pictures always have.

That’s Not Saying Technology Has No Use In Roofing, In Fact It’s Quite The Opposite!

We at Atlanta Roofing Specialists see the value in using a drone and other technologies to assist with a roof inspection, in some circumstances, but using it as a replacement to doing a thorough, physical walk on the roof and through attic areas? No, no, no…not anytime soon anyway.

The fact is drone technology and things like satellite imagery (which we use to assist us as well) are fantastic tools when performing a roof inspection but the information is limited at best. While a picture or satellite image can give us the tools to gather things like measurements and determining basic structural information it tells us very little about existing and potential problems.

Currently, nothing replaces the physical act of getting on a roof, feeling every step and being able to get up close and physically touch suspect areas to determine if problems are cosmetic or potentially disastrous! Anything less and the results can prove costly to homeowners.

In Metro Atlanta, Atlanta Roofing Specialists inspects every roof we see properly, onsite, by climbing up on the roofs ourselves, every time. While we do use technology to assist us, it always compliments the process, it isn’t the process itself. For a proper, onsite estimate, call us today at (770) 419-2222

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