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How Much Is A New Roof?

At some point in time, most homeowners will be faced with having to replace their roof. Time takes it’s toll on everything and roofs are no exception. It can be stressful, after all replacing a roof is one of the costliest upgrades a homeowners can make! When the time comes the number one question is “How much will this cost?”.

Of course every roof is different and with the number of variables determining the price, estimates can vary drastically. Estimates range as low as $5000 for the cheapest asphalt shingle roofs on smaller homes all the way to $25,000 and up for higher end residential roofs.

While we may not be able to give you a definitive quote in this blog post, we can tell you what goes into estimating a roof replacement.

How Much Roof Do You Have?

The largest cost factor is the size of the roof. Roofers charge per “roofing squares” (a 10 foot by 10 foot (100 square feet) area is one roofing square), so a 3000 square foot roof is broken down to 30 squares, the more square the higher the cost and vice versa.

What’s Your Roofs Pitch?

The pitch or slope of the roof also affect the price. As this can affect how the job gets done. If it’s a steep pitch that isn’t walkable, crews have to use specialized safety equipment, you can’t stack materials safely so it takes more labor just to transport materials.

As safety is a factor insurance rates are higher for more dangerous roofs and those costs are passed on to the homeowner in the form of higher costs.

How Accessible Is Your Home/Roof?

Getting materials and vehicles as close to the house as possible reduces labor costs by eliminating the need to carry materials back and forth, if trucks are unable park against the house or even close to the house, costs will be higher to make up for the added time.

What Kind Of Roof Do You Want?

Like the job itself, materials are priced according to area (square feet). The more expensive the material the higher the cost. Metal roofs can cost twice as much as shingle roofs of the same size and five times more for slate.

The cost of these materials is far from a negative however as while asphalt shingles are cheaper they last on average 20 years while metal or slate lasts 50 or more!

What Else Can Affect The Costs A Roof Replacement Quote?

While experienced roof contractors will generally account for many factors, the fact is, sometimes there problems or obstacles that can increase the costs of replacing a roof.

For example, tearing an old roof off sometimes reveals damage that has been hidden for decades. Significant water damage has been known to turn many a repair job into a complete roof replacement due to being overlooked or maintenance not being performed regularly. If damage is found it must be repaired immediately and that adds to costs.

If your home has chimneys or skylights this can also increase costs as workers have to work around these. Other things that affect a roof replacement estimate? Satellite dishes, antennae, holiday decorations, “ad-hoc” repairs, etc.

Why Do Roof Replacement Estimates Vary By Roof Contractor?

While things like materials costs are somewhat uniform, labor costs and installation quality can vary from roof contractor to roof contractor. You want to get a few estimates from several local roof contractors that you’ve done your homework on. Estimates generally may vary a few hundred dollars, if an estimate is drastically lower than others, be wary and be sure you understand what you are paying for.

Hiring a well known, established roof contractor with excellent customer reviews will help ensure the bid you get is accurate and the work will be done correctly. Don’t just go for the lowest bid, as lower bids are lower for a reason, and if it’s lower by a lot, chances are you will likely regret it later on.

Don’t worry about costs so much and be sure you get the job done right. You get what you pay for!

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