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New Homeowner Roof Questions

Planning on buying a home or have you bought a new home and have some questions about your roof? You’re not alone! Becoming a homeowner doesn’t automatically make you an expert on all things home improvement and maintenance, and even after the inspections and appraisals you’re likely to have questions.

If you don’t know the specifics of when your roof was installed, how well it was done and what, if any, warranties still apply, it can be tough to tell how long you have before it should be replaced. In these situations, the answers to just a few questions can help make that determination.

How Long Can I Expect My Roof To Last?

Of course this answer depends on a number of factors, such as the age of your roof, who installed it, what kind of roof it is, what’s the history of the roof (any repairs?) and if it’s still under warranty or not.

Generally, shingle roofs last 15 – 25 years or so, metal roofs can last 40-75 and so on and so forth. If the roof is older and outside of it’s warranty, it’s not unreasonable to expect to replace it sooner rather than later.

How Often Will I Need To Replace My Roof?

Generally, if you’re sticking with the ever popular shingle roof you can expect to replace it every 15 -25 or 30 years (with high end materials) or so depending on the quality of the materials, installation, and if you keep up with maintenance. Higher priced materials like metal, clay and tile can last much longer.

What Are The Signs I May Need To Replace My Roof?

Outside of storms or external force, roofs generally don’t just fall apart. There are normally plenty of warning signs that when unnoticed or ignored in order for a failure to occur.

Signs like missing shingles, loose granules, curled shingles, stains and streaks can point to potential problem but you won’t really know unless you have a professional roof inspection. Especially if your roof is older, keeping an eye out for potential problems could save you a lot of time and pain.

These signs may indicate you need a new roof.

What Is Roof Maintenance?

The most important thing you can do for your roof, no matter the materials, is to keep your roof well maintained. Most warranties and insurance require a certain level of roof maintenance (including formal roof inspections at least once a year for homes, twice a year for commercial roofs) so knowing what needs to be done is as important as getting it done.

Roof maintenance is simply the act of keeping your roof and gutters clear of debris and in good shape. While yearly inspections help ensure any problems that were overlooked throughout the year will be fixed as promptly as possible,

Your roofs main purpose is to route water away from areas where it will cause damage, any breakdown in this system can be catastrophic, avoid preventable problems and keep your roof maintained through out the year!

At Atlanta Roofing Specialists we have a maintenance plan that is guaranteed to maximize your roofs life and protect your home for years to come. Call us at (770) 419-2222 and ask us how we can solve all your roofing problems, anytime!

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