Neglecting Your Roof Can Cost You More Than You Think!

roof repairIt’s easy to forget about your roof, especially when there you’re not having a problem.

Roofs normally don’t need a lot of maintenance, keeping them clear of debris and the gutter clean along with yearly inspections by a roof professional¬†is enough to keep a roof in shape.

Unfortunately, too many homeowners skip out on the yearly inspections, let their roofs and gutters get cluttered for weeks or months at a time, or generally neglect it.

This is a huge mistake! Roofs and gutters cluttered with debris not only look bad, they prevent your roof from routing water correctly, causing damage.

What kind of damage?

1) Cracks in the Foundation

If you’ve ever had to have your foundation repaired (or know someone who has), you know this is a very costly, invasive repair. Clogged gutters compound this problem by allowing water to pool around the foundation.

2) Roof damage and leaks

You know the signs, discoloration of the ceiling or the appearance of a bulge as though it’s going to burst any time. Congested gutters can result in pooled water freezing up and standing for days or even weeks, hampering the flow of liquid water eventually leading to weakening shingles and wood, causing leaks into the attic and home. Even without freezing water adding to the problem, small amounts of pooled water weaken your roof if left standing.

3) Rotting Wood

Any wood fascia that is on your home can start rotting due to clogged gutters. If left standing, even for a few hours, pooled water will begin breaking down and decomposing the wood in these areas. This causes serious problems and could mean replacing all the wood fascia on your home costing thousands of dollars.

All of these can be prevented by keeping up with your roof maintenance!

Don’t let procrastination or ignorance cost you money. Call your local roof contractor to help you make a plan to keep your roof healthy and strong for years to come!



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