More Roofing Questions Answered

Again we take some of the more common questions asked by customers and potential customers and give some easy to understand answers and advice. Our favorite customers are informed customers, so if you have any questions let us know, we’d love to include them in a future post.

Onto the questions:

1) Can I roof over the top of my existing roof?

The short answer is yes, but there are some things you need to know. Roofing over the top of an existing roof is called an overlay. Overlays save on time, labor, and disposal costs. If the existing roof consists of only one layer, lays flat, and there aren’t any other problems with the desk, a tear-off or removal may not be necessary. There are also cases where an overlay is not recommended.,especially if there has been at least two overlays done in the past. Contact us today for a free inspection and we will go over the things you need to know in order to make an informed decision.

2) I want to change the color of my shingles, can I just paint them?

You can, but we wouldn’t advise it. Shingles lose their granules over time. What you end up with is a mess of splotches and a generally unappealing look. However, if you stay on top of it and paint them every few years, you’ll eb fine painting them. Keep in mind that shingles are made so that there are variations in coloring, painting them will make it all one color.
There are other options including new shingles that are already the color you want, contact us for information on the different color shingles available.

3) Your roofers didn’t remove the little plastic strip on the back of my new shingles, did they slack off?

No, these don’t need to be removed. That particular brand of shingle with the strips is designed so that the sealant seals through the strip. The strip is there to help keep the shingles from sticking together before they’re installed.

We hope these answers have be helpful to some of you, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

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