Make A Resolution To Keep Your Roof Healthy In 2015!

As 2014 comes to a close and 2015 nears, many people are thinking about their resolutions for the new year. From eating better to gym memberships, most new year resolutions involve getting ones body healthier and being happier. For homeowners, including your roofs health along with your own and family’s health can help contribute to being happier overall! Like the human body, your roof requires maintenance to prevent problems that occur with aging and outside influences. Working out, eating right, and taking multivitamins are ways to keep your body healthy, but what are the ways to keep your roof healthy?

Regular inspections, at least once a year for homeowners, is key to maintaining a healthy roof. Many larger problems start out small and grow over time, the sooner these problems are found and repaired the better for you. Even if you don’t see any problems, a regular inspection is required by most warranty and insurance companies to ensure that their materials function properly. If a problem is found fix it immediately, nothing spoils happiness faster than delaying a relatively inexpensive fix only to have it turn into an expensive disaster later on.

Regular maintenance, involving cleaning gutters and keeping the roof clear of debris is also necessary to your roofs continued good health. Clogged gutters or debris on the roof will interfere with water flow, causing pooling, leaks, and even rot. The longer the roof remains debris ridden the higher the chance of significant damage. If you’ve slacked in the past, now is a great time to resolve it!

Taking better care of your roof can be one of the easiest resolutions to keep! Make it easy on yourself, call a professional roof contractor from the start. With the knowledge and experience to know exactly what needs to be done and when, hiring a professional roof contractor to perform the initial inspection and put together a plan for your specific home will take out all the guesswork and ensure your roof is healthy and secure.

If it’s been a while since your last inspection or you don’t currently have a roof maintenance plan in place, add “Call Atlanta Roofing Specialists” to your New Years Resolutions and start the New Year off right! With free estimates and over 20 years of service in Metro Atlanta, Atlanta Roofing Specialists will make sure your roof is in it’s best shape now and for years to come!

Happy New Year From Atlanta Roofing Specialists!

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