Know Your Choices When It Comes To Choosing Your Roof Type

When building a new home or replacing a roof on an existing home, your options aren’t limited to shingle types and colors. You can choose a roof type that not only looks great but can add real value to your investment!

Everyone knows they can replace their shingles, but what about the type? What are your options? Depending on your homes construction, you have choices.

When it comes to residential roofs, there are 4 common types.

Gable Roof

One of the most popular roof types, the Gable is easy to build, provides for ventilation, shed water well, and can be applied to a variety of house designs and shapes.




Hip Roof

Being slightly more difficult to build than a gable, the Hip Roof is a popular choice among homeowners and builders. While a generally good roof, it doesn’t provide ventilation as well as other types and is more prone to leakage due to the hips and valleys.



Providing not only a roof over your head but walls as well, this frame type was originally used for cottages but in recent years home, churches and other structure began using the design.



Residential Flat RoofFlat Roof

Exactly what it sounds like, a flat roof, is considered the most economical roof to build, but it doesn’t do anything for the aesthetics of a home. It is actually made up of layers of roof (a “built-up roof”), rather than conventional shingles. The layers of a “built-up roof consist of layers of roofing, felt, and tar topped with gravel.


Most “flat” roofs are actually pitches 1/8 to 1/2 and inch per foot to aid in draining. Flat roofs are very popular in warmer areas (especially here in the south) where wide overhangs are desired and snow rarely falls.

Discussing your vision for your roof along with a proper inspection from a proper roof contractor will help determine which roof type is best for you! Make sure your roof not only protects you for decades but looks great for years to come!

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