The Key To A Healthy, Long Lasting Roof

GAF Timberline charcoal (3)What makes a good roof? One that you never think about? One that does it’s job and keeps your home warm or cool and dry by protecting against the elements?

How about one that does all this and last for decades? That’s what every homeowner wants and by hiring the right contractor it is what many people get.

It’s not luck, it’s educating yourself and finding the right people.

The Installation

The initial installation is pivotal to an effective roof where even the smallest mistake or miscalculation can cause major issues down the road. Having a roof that was installed properly is one of the foundations to having a long lasting roof but is only part of the equation. Do your homework and find an experienced roof contractor for a proper installation!

The Materials

The most perfectly installed roof systems are only as strong and durable as their materials. This is real world example of “you get what you pay for”. Go cheap and your roof may not last longer than a few years. Even materials that aren’t cheap per se but aren’t proper for your environment (regular asphalt shingles in a hurricane zone for example) can prove to be a detriment to the durability of your roof. Sometimes these material problems aren’t apparent for years down the road. Hiring local combats this by hiring professionals with experience and knowledge of your local environment.

After The Installation

While making sure you hire a great roof contractor and choosing appropriate materials with long warranties can help ensure your roof lasts for decades to come but it all comes crashing down without one thing… ongoing regular maintenance.

Regular maintenance, while key to a long lasting roof, isn’t difficult. Keep the roof and gutters clear of debris, repairing any problems as they occur and having regular, professional inspections (at least once a year) can add years, even decades to a roof. If maintained properly from installation with quality materials, a well maintained shingle roof, can last years, even decades past it’s expected life.

The Consequences Of Neglect

Without regular maintenance, your roof is almost guaranteed to fail earlier than it’s expected life and when it does, most warranties and insurance won’t cover the problem. After all, if the roof is disintegrating because of pooled water from debris ridden roofs or clogged gutters why would the manufacturer be held liable? Think insurance will cover it? If it’s neglect, most won’t! It’s written into many policies and warranties, not only to cover their collective rears but also to ensure their product works as advertised. Regular maintenance is that important. Neglect it at your own peril!

Your roof protects your home from the elements but over time can be worn down without care. It’s never too late to start a regular maintenance plan if you don’t have one. In fact, the sooner the better. From the first inspection you will know where your roof stands and what it may need to get up to standard plus you gain the piece of mind of not worrying about your roof and whether it’s going to last.

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