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Is Your Roof Ready For What Is To Come?

As this is being typed, tropical storms are forming in the Caribbean and like many tropical storms in that region, they are predicted to become hurricanes and even possibly hitting the Eastern US, including Georgia, in the next week or so!

Fortunately, we, in the Metro Atlanta area, are far enough from the coast where we don’t get many hurricanes reaching this far but when they are large enough we almost always feel the effects in some way, often in the form of strong rains and winds.

Storms are going to come. All you can do is be ready.

These strong rains and winds cause a lot of damage, especially to homes that aren’t prepared . It’s during these times that roof contractors are at their busiest. Once the rains start, old leaks that were forgotten about turn into major holes or maybe a tree falls onto a roof, or wind even sweeps the roof away entirely! It happens all the time, year after year.

In a large Metropolitan area like Atlanta, the damage can affect thousands of homes and business quickly filling the schedules of even the largest roof contractors. This results in delays ranging from a week to a month or more before someone can come out and give you a quote. It really is the worst time to have a roof problem.

Though it may not be possible to avoid storm damage from things like tornadoes and flying debris, you can protect your home by reducing the damage done or even avoiding some of it by keeping your roof well maintained.

No one want’s to live under a tarp for a couple of weeks.

The fact is, the better shape a roof is in when a storm hits, the better the chances it comes through it with little or even no damage. There’s few things worse than paying more because of procrastination or sitting in a home covered with tarp for weeks because you didn’t find the time to trim those tree limbs or clean the gutters.

Avoid becoming another statistic and just be sure you roof is ready for the storms that come. Keep your roof clean, clean your gutters, call a roof contractor and get a roof inspection to ensure your roof is ready for the upcoming storms.

In Metro Atlanta, call Atlanta Roofing Specialists at (770) 419-2222 for a roof inspection today and be sure your roof is ready for everything that comes!

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