Is Your Homeowners Insurance Trying To Limit Your Roof Coverage?

A Hail Damaged RoofWhat’s worse than having hail damage your roof? How about your insurer refusing to pay for it! Think it’s unlikely? Think again, many homeowner insurance companies want to limit your roof coverage and they are already taking steps to do so!

Metro Atlanta, like much of the country east of the line of states from Montana on down, is an extremely hail-prone area, and we all know how damaging hail can be. As such, many roofs in Metro Atlanta are not expected to make it though their lifespan without problems from hail and insurance companies know it.

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, hail related claims increased 84% between 2010 and 2012 (the latest statistics published) and since then, insurance companies have been looking for ways to cut their losses by limiting coverage.

How do you know if your insurer is working to cut claims?

Look for changes in your renewal policy that:

-Refuse to cover roofs over a certain age (such as 10 years)

-Add a separate hail deductible that is subtracted from your hail claim.

-Specifically exclude cosmetic damage like dents or scratches on metal roofs or siding.

-Denying coverage for roofs with obsolete shingles (as replacement shingles to patch damage won’t be available should a claim arise)

-Covering only partial roof repairs rather than replacing a roof (leaving you with patches of different colored shingles or shingles that are totally different).

-Cover only the value of the roof as it currently stands rather than paying to replace a damaged roof. This can be especially troublesome as an older roof can be close to worthless leaving you with substantial replacement costs when you thought you would be covered.

Read your insurance policy and be clear on what it covers and what it does not. If the insurance company is asking about the age it probably means they are looking at covering on the current value of the roof rather than replacement costs.

Not all insurance companies limit coverage just because you live in a hail-prone area, so if you find you are being limited, shop around! You can also request purchase replacement coverage but you’ll pay more for it if you have to ask .

Insurance companies are out to protect their bottom line, they are a business after all, but this doesn’t mean you need to accept the short end of the stick. Take your time to examine your policy and any renewal changes and speak to your representative to answer any questions. There is plenty of competition in the insurance business and if you don’t feel secure in the insurance you have, you can always change it!


Atlanta Roofing Specialists are home insurance claim experts, especially when it comes to roofs! Call 770-419-2222 with any questions and ask us how we may be able to help lower your insurance premiums by making your roof as strong as possible and more resistant to wind and hail damage!

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