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Is Your Roof Ready For Winter?

Meteorologists are predicting this could be a particularly harsh winter for Georgia. The South has long been known for it’s milder winters but even we have our blizzards and extreme cold every 10 years or so. Ensuring your roof is ready for whatever nature can throw at it is critical, even more so if it isn’t in top condition. Winter is coming and you should be sure your roof is ready.

Fortunately there is time, Southern winters don’t normally kick off until after the new year and following these suggestions can help ensure you will be ready for when the cold comes.

Call A Roof Contractor First

You can identify many obvious problems yourself by making a visual inspection from the ground and inside your home. Things like loose or missing shingles, clogged gutters and other signs can indicate that work is needed but to get a full picture, especially in areas not easily observed, having a full inspection from a professional roof contractor is best. Especially when preparing for harsh weather, a professional can pickup on things a “layperson” wouldn’t even know exists.

Doing this first is the best option simply because your contractor will provide you a full list of everything that needs to be repaired or replaced along with an estimate to have it done right away. Roof contractors, like Atlanta Roofing Specialists, offer these estimates at no cost. As long as you’ve done your homework and hired the right contractor, it is as simple as letting them take care of everything from inspection to clean up and you can sit back, secure in the knowledge that your roof will be at it’s best.

Do What Needs To Be Done Now

If your gutters are clogged, get them clean! Debris in gutters prevents proper water routing, in winter this can result in ice dams which compounds the problem creating pools of water and ice on your roof. Your roof is designed and built to route water away from areas where water can cause damage. Pooled water and leaks can cause significant damage on even the newest roofs, keeping the roof and gutters clear of debris will ensure that rain is routed properly.

Visually look around the roof and interior of your home for missing or loose shingles, moisture spots or leaks. Even if it hasn’t been long since your last inspection, doing a quick check may reveal an issue that is new or may have missed. If anything is found, call in a professional and have it taken care of.

It’s getting chilly already, and the cold is coming. There are still days of mild weather ahead that will be optimal to take care of your roof, but don’t delay too long, roof work is temperature sensitive and once the mild weather turns to bitter cold, your options may be reduced (at least until the next warm up). Make sure your roof is ready now, with a free inspection a phone call or email away, there really isn’t any reason to delay!

Know exactly what condition your roof is in and get it ready for the winter! Call Atlanta Roofing Specialists today at 770-419-2222 and set up an appointment for winter roof inspection!

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