Is Your Insurance Company Threatening Non-Renewal Because Of Your Roof?

Over the years some homeowners have reported a letter they received from their insurance company threatening non-renewal due to “roofing problems” that were noted during a recent inspection by the insurance company (that many weren’t even aware of!). This letter goes on to state that the homeowner has a relatively short period of time (usually 45 days) to replace their roof or their policy will be cancelled or not renewed.

In many of these cases, these homeowners have called Atlanta Roofing Specialists, to give them estimates on a new roof only to find out the roof needed only minor repairs or that the roofs were relatively new and had only a few missing or curled shingles but otherwise were in great condition! A simple letter from us to the insurance companies took care of these claims, but what is going on here?

Why Are Some Insurance Companies Sending These Letters?

More often than not, we have found these homes are smaller in size or in a lower price range, which usually translates into lower premiums and therefore lower profit margins for the insurance companies. It appears that some of these insurance companies have identified these homes, often in low income areas, as “high-risk” and they send in inspectors to identify “damage” to justify non-renewal of the policy.

Is It On Purpose Or A Mistake?

In many cases, the inspector or adjuster may not have the experience and knowledge necessary to determine if a roof should be replaced and is erroneously recommending terminating coverage on homes whose roofs are in good condition. Of course, this in not the case with everyone who receives such letters, indeed, there are likely many homes in need of roof repair or replacement and the insurance company is justified in denying coverage, but in many instances we have found the insurance adjusters to be in error.

What Should You Do If You Receive Such A Letter?

If you have received such a letter from your insurance company and you live in Metro Atlanta, call Atlanta Roofing Specialists at 770-419-2222 for a no obligation roof inspection! Most Insurance Adjusters aren’t roofing experts and oftentimes get the diagnosis wrong. It pays to have a reputable, qualified expert to provide a second opinion. In many cases we can save you the costs of replacing a perfectly good roof!

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