Inspecting Your Roof Yourself In Between Formal Inspections

Signs of leakage in an attic
Signs of leakage in an attic

Catching and repairing a roof problem early can mean the difference between a few hundred dollars in repairs to a complete roof replacement. For most, once a year professional inspections are enough to keep a roof in top shape but a lot of things can happen in a year.

In between formal inspections (and after significant evens such as storms) it’s a good idea to perform a few visual inspections yourself periodically. You don’t even need to get up on the roof to get an idea of how your roof system is faring!

Walk around the inside and outside of your home, looking for:

  • Sagging decking between the rafters. If the decking is sagging or deteriorating, this can indicate a build up of moisture or water and should be addressed immediately as this is one of the more serious signs of an impending disaster.
  • Outside light that can be seen through the roof. This may be common (and not a problem) on shake roofs, since the wooden shakes will swell during the wet months, effectively preventing any leaks. On most other roof types, holes are never a good sign and can be indicative of damage elsewhere.
  • Signs of leaking in the attic (dark spots in the wood, especially around vents, chimneys, and other holes to the roof). Leaks are an obvious sign of trouble, and are the type of problems that grow over time if not addressed.
    Test dark spots in the wood to decide if they are old or current problems. If the spot is still wet, or if it is soft (test with a screwdriver), the spot is a current problem. If the spot is dry and hard, it is most likely an old problem that has been fixed. If in doubt, a professional inspection may be in order.
  • Signs of water damage or leaking (usually in the form of water stains, or sagging ceilings) on your ceiling. This could be due to an active leak in the roof or to condensation caused by poor roof ventilation. In any case, it is a sign that there is a problem with your roof, and it only gets worse the longer it sits.


Any of these signs warrant a call to a professional roof contractor for further inspection.. Especially if you have an older roof.

Don’t wait until the problem becomes an expensive disaster! If you suspect your roof is leaking or have other problems contact a roof contractor immediately.

In Metro Atlanta, call Atlanta Roofing Specialists at 770-419-2222 for a free estimate today!


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