Identifying Hail Damage On Your Asphalt Roof

Hail Damage
Springtime in Metro Atlanta has always been stormy and many times, hail producing. Sometimes, roofs can withstand the beating of a hailstorm, depending of course, on the intensity, size, and duration of the event. Sometimes even seemingly small hail “showers” can cause damage. After a hail event, it is a good idea to inspect or have your roof inspected for damage.

There are several things to look for after a hail storm or even during a normal inspection. When looking specifically for hail damage, knowing the size of the hail can really help narrow down what to look for.

  • Hail smaller than one inch (usually about quarter sized) can damage the shingles, with such small hail the damage is tough to spot and in many cases requires a trained eye. Don’t be fooled, it’s these small things that can turn into major problems down the road if not taken care of.
  • 1 to 2 inch hail (larger than a quarter to about golf-ball sized) damage is more easily spotted as the damage is apparent on shingles and metal alike.
  • Any hail bigger than 2 inches will almost guarantee some level of damage to asphalt roofs and should you find yourself in this predicament, calling a roof contractor to inspect the roof should be the first thing on your list.
  • The most susceptible areas to hail damage are the areas to look at first.
    Soft metal (vents, skylights, flashing, metal valleys, etc), ridges, and the shingles themselves are all areas to be inspected first. If hail has damaged your roof it is likely to be discovered in these areas.

    Basically, when looking for hail damage, we are looking for things like missing granules, bruising (damage to the shingle), and circular cracks indicating larger hail impacting the surface of the roof.

    Looking for roof damage, especially when dealing with larger hail, can be done by average laymen who have the knowledge and experience of getting on the roof safely (although we recommend just having a professional inspect it for safety’s sake) but once any damage is identified we strongly recommend having a qualified roof contractor perform the repairs, as it is necessary for insurance claims and will help keep the warranty intact while giving you the peace of mind that the repair was done properly.

    If you suspect your home may have been damaged in the recent storms and you live in the Metro Atlanta, GA area, call ARS today at 770-419-2222 for your FREE ROOF INSPECTION!

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