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How Summer Heat Affects Your Roof

If you haven’t noticed, it’s summer and it’s hot out there! That means your roof is taking a beating from the sun every day and you should be aware of what this does to your roof in order to ensure you do what’s necessary to minimize the impact.

Why The Sun Affects Your Roof More In The Summer

The sun comes out all year round, so why would it have more of an effect on your roof than in the winter? It comes down to exposure. The sun is out longer in the summer than other seasons, thus it has a huge impact on your roof’s lifespan, mainly because of UV rays, heat and thermal shock. Even on cooler, cloudy days, UV rays wear down your roof every day. This can break down the oils in your roof causing dryness and cracking which in turn can compromise waterproofing.

The hotter it gets, the hotter your roof gets. Shingles can get so hot they can exceed the outdoor temperature by as much as 80 degrees! This extreme variance in temperature can wreak havoc on even the highest quality materials.

Even though the temps may drop at night, it doesn’t help. As temperatures fluctuate with rising heat during the day and cooler nights, your roof does too, causing it to expand and contract as the mercury drops and rises. After a while, this thermal shock will begin to strain the roof causing it to split which results in costly repairs if not repaired quickly.

Regular Maintenance Is Key

If you’ve been neglecting your roof, the summer heat compounds problems that have gone unnoticed and can worsen existing issues while causing new problems. To prevent this, regular roof maintenance is key to mitigating damage from the heat and can be crucial in ensuring your roof makes it through the summer with little damage.

When regular roof maintenance isn’t enough or if you’re between inspections, there are many products on the market today that can help decrease this heat transfer and also save you on cooling costs. One of these products, the GAF Timberline Cool Series Shingle, is one of the many options roofing contractors like Atlanta Roofing Specialists have at their disposal to help your roof beat the heat of summer.

To be sure your roof is ready for the summer contact your local roof contractor for an immediate inspection today and to find out what roofing products are available to protect your home from temperature changes for years to come!

In Metro Atlanta contact Atlanta Roofing Specialists at 770-419-2222 if you would like more information on this or other Cool Roofing products or need an estimate to keep your roof in shape this summer!

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