Most roofing failures during storms and other harsh weather are due to age and/or improper roof installation. Knowing the age and condition of your roof can help you avoid these problems by identifying problem areas and taking care of them before a catastrophic failure occurs.

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Shingle Roofs

How old is your shingle roof? Shingles can become brittle and lose adhesion after about 12 years even if they were installed properly. Especially if your roof was re-roofed on top of old shingles. The new shingles have been known to fly off in large segments during periods of high winds.

Tile Roofs

How was your tile roof installed? Tiles with only foam adhesive or concrete typically fare better than their nailed or screwed-on counterparts, which can begin leaking in as little as 7 -10 years. As with shingles, age affects performance.

Flat Roofs

How many “plys” or layers make up your flat roof? A 3 or 4-ply interlining(under the roof coating) is typically better than 2. Expect a multi-layered flat roof to last 15-18 years.

Metal Roofs

Is your metal roof attached properly? Metal roofs are the most expensive roof type but also are the most weather and storm-resistant roofs out there. As long as the roofer installed the roof using proper attachments, either screws or clips, strong winds will have a difficult time getting under your metal roof panels.

The storms are coming, is your roof prepared?

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