How Important Is Roof Maintenance?

Face it, we’re all getting older, there’s no sense in denying it. Every day, life takes it toll minute by minute. No one wants to age, so we do things to put it off as long as possible. We eat right, exercise, and have check-ups regularly to be sure we’re healthy. It’s common sense, staying on top of our health while we are young will help delay or even prevent some of the more serious problems that come with aging.

Your roof is no different. As the years roll on, constant exposure to the elements age the roof membrane slowly until it eventually needs to be replaced. Every year you can delay the inevitable is money in your pocket.

Studies have shown that most roofs last only half their expected life span when not regularly maintained. Half. Promptly repairing damage and having regular roof inspections performed will not only ensure your roof lasts as long as possible, but will save you money by preventing further damage from neglected problems.

Maintenance also helps you keep your warranty intact. Pretty much all of the roofing material manufacturers require some level of maintenance. So if the day comes and you need to make a warranty claim (no matter how legitimate) and are unable to produce evidence that you have had your roof maintained properly, they can (and will) deny the claim, leaving you with all the costs of the problem and a roof with no warranty to boot.

You should have regular inspections at least once a year. Especially before or after the harsher months like summer here in the South as UV radiation and high heat (not to mention the humidity) is particularly hard on the roof. Thermal shock can occur when cooling rains suddenly appear after the roof has been baking in the heat, prematurely ageing the roof further. Typically, wherever you live, inspecting your roof just before the season with the most severe weather can ensure you are in compliance with your warranty and lengthen the life of your roof.

As in life, preventative maintenance is key to a healthy roof, don’t lose your warranty or cost yourself unnecessary costs and repairs by neglecting your roof maintenance, call Atlanta Roofing Specialists today and we’ll setup a maintenance schedule that’s right for you.

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