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Understanding Your Home Insurance Deductible (& Avoid Sticker Shock!)

Around 2013-2014, Homeowners Insurance companies began moving away from flat rate deductibles to percentage based deductibles. Which one you have can vary, depending on when and where you buy your insurance, what state your home is in, and/or your specific choice of carrier when you closed (if you had a choice).

A flat rate deductible is easy to figure out, after all, when the time comes to make a claim, you know exactly what you are going to pay out. But when it comes to percentage deductibles, these may lower your premiums a bit but will need to be calculated when you make your claim.

Percentage Deductibles Are A Percentage Of Your Homes Value Not The Claim

When people hear that they have a 1% or 2% deductible, many think of it like they do car insurance, as a percentage of the claim. However, when it comes to Homeowners Insurance, the percentage deductible is a percentage of your homes value, not the claim.

For some homeowners, the premium savings for having a percentage deductible can really add up, especially if you’re not making claims for many years. For others, especially on more expensive homes, this deductible can be quite high producing “sticker shock” to the homeowner who may not understand it applies to their homes value.

Understand Your Deductible Type & Plan Accordingly

Asking questions and reading your policy thoroughly will explain everything you need to know about your deductible. If you have a flat rate all you need to know is the specific amount, if a percentage, it will fluctuate as your homes value rises and falls.

Know which deductible type you have and if it’s a percentage, understand it’s of your homes value at the time of the claim  and not the claim itself. Understanding this can avoid a real shock when it comes time to file your claim. Contact your insurance agent for any questions regarding your specific policy.

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