Gutter Covers Are Nice But They Aren’t “Set It & Forget It”

GuttersGutter covers are a great solution to eliminating a good portion of debris from getting into your gutters, some even eliminate debris almost entirely. However, they aren’t a “set it & forget it” solution.

There are many types of gutter covers and while many will reduce the work it takes to clean your roof and gutters, there are many others who don’t do the task as well and end up causing a bigger problem then the one it was meant to address.

Gutter covers work by covering a majority of the gutters while still allowing water in through smaller entryways. It’s these smaller entries that keep the larger debris out of the gutter system but aren’t immune to clogging themselves.

Gutter Covers Can Get Clogged Too Ya Know

Obviously not as bad as open gutters but dirt, grains from shingles and other small particles can build up in the small areas the gutters covers have open. Even larger debris like leaves and branches can build up enough to block even water from getting in. The bottom line, gutter covers aren’t perfect.

Defeating the purpose of gutters, these clogged areas redirect water away from the gutter system into areas where it can wreak havoc on a home. Sure, the gutters are debris free but if even water isn’t getting in, then your entire roofing system can start to break down.

To avoid this, have your roof and gutters cleaned at least twice a year (or more if your roof is prone to more debris) with or without gutter covers. The gutter covers will help reduce the amount of debris that get’s into the gutters, making the work of cleaning much easier but they still need to be maintained.

Your roofing system, including gutters, is designed to route water in the most efficient way possible away from areas where water can do the most damage. So if you decided on Gutter Covers, be sure to speak to your salesperson and understand how much maintenance they will require and stay on top of it. There are few things worse than finding out your solution to a problem made new problems.


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